"Marty's eloquence and passion are evident in every word he speaks. Throw in his sense of humor and you have the unique package that is Marty Mercer. It's hard to imagine a more engaging speaker."

-Patty Guinn, Dearborn Advisors, LLC
Marty before and after

About Marty

"Excuse me, Sir", the men's clothing store salesman said to me as I was browsing the suit racks."But, this is not the section you need to be looking in", he continued. "Oh, I know this isn't the sale rack, but if I find something I like best in the full price rack, I'll buy it over something I don't like as much that's on sale", I replied."Uh, sir, that's not the problem", he stammered. "Well, what do you mean?", I asked, getting very puzzled by his statement. "Well, sir, YOUR size is over against the wall, where the size 50's are - we have two great lines, the Orson Welles Collection and the Raymond Burr line!"

And there it was, out in the open like the proverbial elephant in the living room, no pun intended! My annual visit to the men's clothing store, because my old suits were too small-once again, had finally landed me in the "Land of Size 50!" Despite the measurement to confirm size 50 was accurate, I squeezed myself into a 48 and left the store quickly.

250 pounds on a 5'10 frame was clinically obese. While I had spent 20 years keeping a close eye on the sales numbers and customer satisfaction levels, I had completely ignored my physical health and fitness. And it had finally caught up to me!

The size 50 suite was my wake up call-my personal Call to Action. Time to change my behaviors and habits. Time to create a new kind of plan-not a sales plan, but a personal fitness plan. Time to cultivate a new kind of coach, not the inside coach at my sales prospect, but a fitness coach to help me achieve my fitness goals. It was time to take the habits, skills and techniques I had developed in the sales and business world and apply them to myself!

Let me help you and your teams before you wind up in the “Land of the Size 50 suit!” Over the last 20 years I have closed or managed the closing of over $130 million of sales to over 500 customers. From those experiences I have found the best sales processes and sales methodologies. I have discovered the best way to engage your audiences so that when you are done speaking to them, they are moved to action. And, finally, I have realized that yes, you can integrate a busy work schedule with a powerful personal fitness schedule.

Marty's story has inspired and motivated many people to change their lives as well. Marty will share his practical, real world, simple, easy to follow techniques, steps and tips so that you can grow your sales with high-energy people delivering high-energy presentations.  Marty's personal experience is now enhanced by the Best Practices from the American Council on Exercise as an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and as a Certified Instructor for The Complex Sale.