"Utilizing our meeting theme of Leadership, you helped our group to think differently about their approach to leadership.  Your energy and enthusiasm were well received and you were able to use practical life experiences and commentary to leave our team feeling invigorated and ready for the challenges of 2008!"

-Katy Abernathy, Hercules Paper Technologis & Ventures


“Marty in "If I Can Do It So Can You" presents a hilarious, motivational, and practical approach to getting your life back on track. This presentation will appeal to the couch potato as well as the ultra marathoner. Don't miss this well grounded success story.”

-Dr. Daniel Marshburn, Atlanta Medical Center

Marty sporting a casual look

What People Are Saying About Marty Mercer

"Marty’s eloquence and passion are evident in every word he speaks. Throw in his sense of humor and you have the unique package that is Marty Mercer. It’s hard to imagine a more engaging speaker.“

-Patty Guinn, Dearborn Advisors, LLC

"Marty was very captivating........I would highly recommend having him speak to your employees, if not only for starting healthy choices at work, but outside the home as well!" Darla M. Mosorjak, Concurrent Technologies Corporation

-Darla M. Mosorjak, Concurrent Technlogies Corporation

Click Here to Read Darla's Letter

Click Here to Read Letter from Eric Krieger

I was most impressed with the way you immediately connected with your audience, exhibiting both humor and sincerity, weaving your personal story of transformation while simultaneously giving subtle motivation tips to our sales team.  From a management perspective, your session was certainly a winner – I highly recommend it!

-Paulette Wilder, McKesson

I cannot tell you in words, how amazing and informative and overall GREAT your class was. It has given me a new, truly exciting perspective on sales. I'm looking forward to getting out there, taking names and working on my sales skills. Thank you again!

- Iris Burdett, Apple

“I recently turned to Marty when a big presentation loomed on the horizon. He helped me get my message across and “wow” the audience. Afterwards, a division head wrote a congratulatory e-mail: “We were extremely impressed with how you used humor to drive home a very strategic point.” Thanks to Marty’s expertise, I hit a home run.”

- Peter Longo, VP Sales, Sunquest Information Systems

Letter from Peggy Howard-AHEPA One Apartments Service Coordinator

Letter from Helen Cleveland, St. Pius X Golden Gala Auction Chair

I have been inspired by speakers before, but never motivated into action like I was with your presentation. Using your suggestions and tips, I have started my own “get fit” plan, and I’m already seeing results. I have lost 8 pounds in 5 weeks on the plan. You have a great sense of humor which helped to drive home your points and I still think back to your presentation to keep me on track.

  -Linda Horne, McKesson

"Marty, thank you for inspiring me. I had a baby girl almost 6   months ago. I found myself slowly slipping away from the woman I  used to be and not recognizing who I was. I love my daughter, but I realized that I have to be here to do that. I accept your challenge to commit to changing my life!“

-Natacha Simon-Christie, Atlanta Medical Center

After hearing your talk, you should know that I heard Mary Lou Retton speak last year, and I believe you are right up there at her level (minus the gold medal)! Thank you for inspiring me!

-Tammy Arp-Jones, Amedisys Home Health Services

"I’m very impressed with your ability to go beyond the obvious.

It was not apparent to me at first how ones personal lifestyle is so closely related to our outlook and professional careers. To be able to walk away from your presentation with not only clear ways to improve my sales techniques, but also be healthy, smarter and agile is what companies and individuals are looking for. You have a unique ability to help people discover and develop their own unique qualities of greatness. Your ability to energize an audience from all walks of life is awesome. You are a persuasive communicator!"

                                               -Mike Simon, Acuo Technologies

Marty is the best motivational speaker I have seen in some time, his combination of humor and being able to relate to the lifestyle of a sales professional on the road hit home on what I needed to do to get back in shape. Since I saw him in Durham, I have increased my jogging, joined the company soccer team, and have lost 14 pounds”.

                               -Brian Newbern, Misys Healthcare Systems

"Your presentation got me thinking about my health habits!  In fact, I woke up thinking about your presentation.....at 5:30 AM!  So, I got up and went for a 2.5 mile run/walk.  I went to my daughter's show and tell and left at 8:30 feeling like I already had a productive morning!  Thanks for helping me start some new healthy habits!"

-Rob Fahy, BearingPoint

“Hey Marty, just to let you know, I have been walking in the mornings.  It's not 5:30am, but close enough.  My knee has been an excuse for running, but I don't have any excuses for not walking.  If Marty can do it, so can I!!!!"

-Joe Hall, McKesson

“My challenge is staying motivated. Your ideas have given me that motivation. “One little thing each day” has given me the inspiration and energy to do more everyday. Since your presentation I have increased my mileage by 30%. I am setting goals and having fun again.”

-Dev Maguire, Atlanta Bank Supply Chain Finance

"Your presentation on "If I Can Do It …So Can You" was incredible! The entire presentation was wonderful and it gave me a lot to think about – especially when I wanted a bag of chips!

-Juliet Black