Engage Your Audience

Most sales and business presentations seem to double as insomnia treatments. Dull. Boring. Wordy. Long. Fact-fat and bulging with enough bullets to kill any crucial message.

Marty Mercer gives your people the power to turn presentations into performances, engaging audiences with the classic three-act story approach used by Hollywood screenwriters and playwrights. Programs include:  

90 minute break out training class
Half day and full day training class
One on one presentation coaching
Speech coaching

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For details about how to take your presentations “Beyond Bullet Points,” call Marty Mercer at 404-351-4946


"Marty transformed my vanilla presentation into a winner.  He guided me through a process of identifying the key themes from my speech and then helped me find powerful visuals that had a huge impact on my audience.  I highly recommend Marty as your partner for ALL your presentations!"

        - Jennifer Kahnweiler, Ph.D., Professional Speaker

Read about Marty in the Atlanta Journal Constitution!  "Speak Up or Maybe Sink Down" 

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Group presentations are an integral part of my business but my presentations had become increasingly “bullet ridden” and tedious. I worked with Marty to create a more “audience centric” approach using Beyond Bullet Points concepts.  My first presentation using this new approach was to a large group of industry experts, and the response was immediate and extraordinary!  The audience was more engaged and the feedback amazing. I heard my headlines and key points repeated verbatim throughout the two day seminar. I could not have gotten this outcome without Marty’s coaching, support and good humor!

          - Ann Farrell, Principal, Farrell Associates

“I recently turned to Marty when a big presentation loomed on the horizon. He helped me get my message across and “wow” the audience. Afterwards, a division head wrote a congratulatory e-mail: “We were extremely impressed with how you used humor to drive home a very strategic point.” Thanks to Marty’s expertise, I hit a home run.”

- Peter Longo, VP Sales, Sunquest Information Systems