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Marty’s World Wide Sales Training Event – Post 10 – The Bollywood Girl

During some of my sales training classes I tell my Alcatraz story as the opening “grabber” story and spread it out over the 2-3 day class.  Creates some fun, I integrate it into the class, keeps up the class interest as they “hang on” to hear the ending. Without telling the whole story, at one point I traditionally tell how “a smoking hot California surfer chick paddles up to me in her kayak”.  This part of the story works great in the USA and worked great in South Africa, but I realized it might lose something in the translation in India.

So, I got help from Patty and her local FLSmidth peers in Chennai to help me “localize” the story.  They took my line above and translated it to “bahut sundar ladki” and then sent me links to three very popular beatutiful “smoking hot” Bollywood girls:  Deepika, Vidya and Aishwayra.  I downloaded their photo’s and added them to my story.

So, when I said “and then I looked up and saw paddling towards me a bahut sundar ladki”, the room said nothing.  I paused and said, let me try that again, and so a bit more slowly said the line, and then they got what I said and laughed a huge laugh.  I don’t think they expected to hear Hindi from me.  I then said, “and she might have looked something like this” and up popped these photo’s.  I got a huge roar then and lots of smiles, and they knew exactly the kind of girl that I saw out in the middle of the San Francisco Bay.

Well, let’s say, I had my image in my head and they had their image in their head, and we were all smiling!


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