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Marty’s World Wide Sales Training Event – Post 11 – Chennai, India Class

I am writing this on Friday afternoon March 23, 5:30 pm (5:30 am for you USA-er’s) from the pool of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Singapore, which is connected to the Changi airport in Singapore.  We are here for a one day layover on our way to Bali for the next and last class of our trip.  We could not get into Indonesia today as it is a national religious holiday and they don’t allow travel during this event.  So, I am watching a family in the pool, a pool that looks like a lagoon, dark tile bottom, tree planters in the middle, lots of vegetation all around us, very cool site, with the sounds of jet airplanes behind us!

We arrived this morning about 5:30 am local time after a flight from Chennai, India.  We spent a great 2.5 days with the sales team from the FLSmidth India office.  They had to get used to my accent and speech rate and I had to get used to theirs, but we found some middle ground and had a great time and they learned a lot and are committed to using their new skills to help them increase their sales. There was one guy, nickname Cheng, who sat up front, first seat to my left, by the end of the class I called him my “Indian brother”. Same personality and sense of humor and propensity to talk alot, just like me!  Cheng is seated on the far right in the photo below.

My Indian brother Cheng on far right

The winning team (go back and read about the class contest from my earlier post in Johannesburg, where the “Fantastic Four” won) was the “Wizards”.  I told them to NOT be like the Washington Wizards who stink this year!  And they were not.  They had a huge lead at lunchtime on the second day, and in fact, asked Patty to just give them the prize then, they were so confident of victory.  But the afternoon of the second day was bad for them and two other teams came within three points of them by the end of the second day.  So, the last half day was very tense, with everyone shooting up their hands to interact and get cards, and everyone very focused on the quiz questions to earn points.  But, by the end of class, they smoked the other teams and won by about 40 points.  Here is the winning team, and the group photo of the entire class.

FLSmidth Indian Sales Team

The Wizards, Winning Team in India

The Asiana Hotel was a fantastic place, great food, great service, great room, everything was top notch.  Below is a photo of Banu, who works the front desk.  She was such a little whipper snapper and had a memory that seemed photographic.  She checked me in and then on the second day I was asking someone else at the front desk a question, and he asked me my room number.  Before my brain could even process and say the room number, Banu blurts out “1121” with a cute smirk on her face. We all laughed because she said it like she was on a game show!

Banu the front desk "mind like a steel trap" woman

On Wednesday night, my brother Mitchell and his co-worker Fred Brady (as in the Bunch) had dinner at the Thai restaurant at the hotel, Silk.  We ordered the famous Indian beer, KingFisher.  This time, we didn’t get the regular lager style, but got a bottle that was labelled “super strong”, which just cracked me up!

Super Strong Indian Beer

The Terrible Trio

Patty and I left the hotel and headed over to the beach for a snack and drink before heading to the airport. Read the next blog for that story.


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