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Marty’s World Wide Sales Training Event – Post 12 – Chennai Beach

Patty and I left the Asiana Hotel and headed down the beach area. The beach in Chennai is on the Bay of Bengal, and they claim it is the worlds second longest beach.  My brother Mitchell’s hotel, The Temple Bay, was also on this beach.  His hotel claimed they had the second largest pool in Asia.  Of course, Mitchell and I are from Tampa, home of Bayshore Boulevard, which claims to be the worlds longest continuous sidewalk.  So much for “world’s longest” claims.

On the way to the hotel, we were able to see the famous cows of Chennai who wander everywhere, literally, everywhere. Check out this great photo taken from my cab, cow standing on concrete median in middle of the road, maybe 12 inches from us!

The Famous Chennai Street Cows

The Fisherman’s Cove hotel, where we went to visit the beach, is a resort, much different than our business hotel.  The registration desk is in an “outdoor area”, a roof, but no walls, so you can see the lush vegetation and hear the birds.  As was the case in South Africa, India is very security conscious, so you have to enter via a metal detector like at the airport and all luggage is scanned and xrayed like at the airport.

When we hit the beach, we were very impressed, beautiful sand, very soft, tan in color, very neat and clean.

Bay of Bengal Chennai Beach

As we got close to the water, there was a small outcropping of rocks right where the waves crashed.  I, of course, wanted to stand on them and get Patty to take my picture.  I jumped up on the rock, only to have one of the “guards” who had followed us to the beach, start yelling at me, and then Patty started yelling, and then a local “vendor” (trying to sell conch shells) started yelling too.  I thought, oh geez, maybe these rocks are sacred (like the cows) and I have now caused the second or third “incident” of the trip.  I jumped off, asked why, and the reason from the guard was, “I don’t want you to fall in the water from the waves”.  Well, if that is all it is, who cares, right?  So, I jumped back on the rocks, and here I am standing in the Bay of Bengal.

Our beach protector

The Bay of Bengal and Marty

Patty put her feet in the bay, I put my hands in the Bay, we enjoyed the scenery and then headed back (all the while our guard kept a watchful eye over us, shooing away the conch shell salesman!)

On our way back in, I noticed a rather different design of the Indian beach chair style.  Reminded me more of the meeting room beach style, but apparently, in India, resources are tight, so the chairs have to serve double duty.  I also noticed a very strange and exotic Indian beach seashell.  Red in color with very tight geometrical designs. Looks familiar.  In fact, I saw this exact kind of seashell on the African safari, but at that point in time, I thought it was an exotic African safari rock. Seems “brick” is all around the world, serving different purposes and functions!

Multi purpose Indian beach/meeting room chair

The famous Chennai beach sea shell

Tomorrow morning we fly to Denpasar, Indonesia, where our next and final class will be held in Bali for the Australian and Chinese sales teams.  Stay tuned.  And in honor of the recently passed away Furman Bisher (famous Atlanta sportswriter)…….Selah.

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