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Marty’s World Wide Sales Training Event – Post 13 – Singapore & Bali Airports

It is Sunday morning March 25, a bit before 9 am, a bit before 9 pm Saturday night for the USA-er’s.  I am looking out my hotel room door at the lush gardens and pool in Bali, Indonesia, right on the equator.  Hot and humid, reminds me of Florida, only more humid and more lush and green.  In the distance, I can see the cove and beach on the South China Sea. Yes, this sales training gig is a real “hard luck life” as they sang in Annie.

We flew down here yesterday from Singapore.  The Singapore airport is considered by most rankings as one of the top and best airports in the world.  It really is a huge mall that happens to have planes coming and going.  Every kind of store you can imagine is in this airport.  It seemed that more shopping was being done that travelling!  Everything in this airport ran like clockwork, very efficient, very clean, not noisy at all.  Employees standing around ready to answer questions and point you in the right direction.  You don’t go through the xray machine and security until right at your gate.  Every gate has their own xray and security spot and employees, so lots of people employed by the security system, but that allows anyone come to the airport/shopping mall without having to go through security.

It was so efficient, that not only do they tell you in how many minutes the train will show up, but they tell you how many minutes of walking until you find the next bathroom.  I couldn’t resist taking this photo to show you how “efficient” the Changi airport in Singapore was.

How Far is the Next Bathroom?

The other thing I loved was the moving sidewalk.  All of us have been on the moving sidewalk, “stand on the right, walk on the left”, right?  You just call it a moving sidewalk.

The moving sidewalk?

Well, not in the Changi airport.  In the Changi airport it has it’s  own name, see below.

Take a Ride on "The Travellator"!

Two plus hours of flying and we arrive at the Denpasar airport in Indonesia.  It was raining very hard and the sidewalks are the slippery smooth tiles, not concrete, so it is easy to slip and fall when it rains. And it rains all the time in Indonesia. And the gutters don’t work so well, so check out this photo.  The water was spilling over the gutters and onto the slippery sidewalk.  So, why not put a mop bucket under the leaky gutter to catch the rain water, right?  That works if you dump the mop bucket, but not this mop bucket!  It was spilling out of the mop bucket and onto the slippery sidewalk.  So much for keeping a safe sidewalk!

The Overflow Bucket

So, that is it for now.  I might go work out, or, I might go sit under a thatched roof and watch the South China Sea!

Last class starts tomorrow here at the hotel in Bali for the Australian and Chinese sales teams!


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