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Marty’s World Wide Sales Training Event – Post 14 – The Bali Beach

Today is Tuesday morning March 27 for me, just 1.5 days more of training and we head home.  But this past Sunday I got to experience the Bali Beach, which is on the South China Sea, and what a crazy experience it was!

Just across the street from our hotel is the beach pool and beach. The hotel has all of the traditional beach chairs and umbrellas for us to use. But next to “our” beach are the public beaches, and that is where all the action was.

Hotel Beach on the South China Sea

Every known kind of boat of floating vehicle was out on the water for rent.  Glass bottom boats in the “sampan” style, big tubes, long tubes pulled by boats.  Wave runners of all sizes.  As you walked along the beach I was accosted by the “hawkers” who all called me “Boss Man”.  But the real attraction were the parasails.  Not just one, not just two, but at least 15 or so parasails all in action at once.  It was crazy, boats pulling parasails flying around each other, the long lines appearing to get tangled, but not, with take offs and landings on the beach. My Toastmaster friend Natalie is an air traffic controller at the Atlanta airport and I think she has an easy job compare do the “parasail traffic control” going on down at this beach.

Parasail Central

Each parasail has a boat driver with one guy in the boat and the long line attached to the parasail.  Take off and landing was controlled by a guy with a flag and bullhorn.

Parasail Traffic Controller

He had a team of “handlers” who would hook up the passenger and catch them when they landed.  Everywhere in the sky in all directions were parasails.

As I walked the beach, with Boss Man ringing in the air, I had to be very careful not to trip over the lines or get run over by a takeoff or landing.  Seriously, it was crazy dangerous.

I saw one take off where the “teams” got the lines tangled, and an anchored boat’s line crossed over the parasail line.  What’s at the end of the anchored boat’s line… anchor, so as the parasail took off, it pulled up the boat line and then pulled up the anchor and the anchor went flying towards the passenger.  The anchors everyone used was the four prong grappling hook type anchor!  So basically a four pronged grappling hook was hurtling towards this guys head, and at the last minute, the anchor went flying in the air, somehow missed the guys head, and the anchor fell to the sea and the passenger went flying away.  He missed getting “gaffed” in the head by inches.

Along the way I met this guy with the Boston Red Sox hat.  I asked him what he thought about Bobby Valentine taking over as Manager. He had no clue!  So, I asked him to give me the peace sign and took this photo.

I Love the Red Sox....but who is Bobby Valentine?

Then I ran across the hat/sunglass lady sales lady.  Hilarious!  Check this out!

Wanna buy a hat?

After my stroll on the beach, I got conned into a shopping trip by Patty.  She needed something for her boys and I needed to buy Milly, my youngest, something.  So, we walked down the street to a couple of shops.  Found this “End of Season” sign in the store window.  What seasons do they have in Bali?  It’s on the equator, they have the same day every day, 365 days a year.  Every day it is a high of 85 and a low of 75 with 90% humidity and 60% chance of rain.  What “season” are they talking about?

End of What Season?

Then I saw these ugh boots or ugg boots, however you spell it. Who wears ugg boots in Bali?  When do you need to keep your feet warm here?  And wouldn’t they get all nasty in the rain and sand and surf?

Ugg boots in Bali?

Last hilarious thing we saw on our shopping trip.  The advance parasail sales guy.  This guy is set up in the middle of the road with a little bench and a couple of orange cones.  As cars drive by he tries to sell them the “discount” price for parasails, which I have previously described.  Amazingly, people were stopping and buying from him, even in the rain!

The Advance Sales guy

Next to him was this hut with the word “Pospecalang” on the side. No clue what that word really means, but I decided it meant “prospecting” as that was what the guy in the middle of the street was doing.

The Prospecting Hut

So, the next time someone in my class says they hate prospecting, I will show them this picture and tell them if they don’t start prospecting on the phone or email or social media, they will be forced to prospect in the middle of the street….in the rain!



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