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Marty’s World Wide Sales Training Event – Post 15 – Balinese Dancers

Well, our journey is almost over, a half day of deal reviews today with the Australian and Chinese sales teams, and then we fly from Bali to Taipei, 5 hour flight;Taipei to San Francisco 11 hour flight; San Francisco to Atlanta 4.5 hour flight.  Leave Bali at 4 pm Wednesday and arrive Atlanta Thursday morning at 7 am.  Basically flying half way around the world today and tomorrow!

The last dinner of the trip was great, FLSmidth lined up a Balinese Dancing group who put on a great show of classic Balinese dancing. Somewhat like belly dancing, but not so much hip and belly, but more about the arms and the hands. In fact, all of the women dancers could move all four fingers independently of each other. Remember how Spock could separate his first two fingers from the second two with a wide spread?  Well, these dancers could create the wide spread with all four fingers and move them one or all at a time.  An  amazing skill.

Cool, exotic costumes with big huge head dresses, lots of great color, dramatic makeup, accompanied by the traditional Balinese band with flutes, drum/bongo and the “keyboard” guys who hit the metal keys with hammers.

The last dancer was a guy, his character was a monkey/carp, so very strange and different face mask that was supposed to be the monkey part.  I called him the James Brown of Balinese dancing, as near the end of his routine, it seemed that he was faking leaving the stage and then coming back, the way James Brown used to do.

It was a great ending to a great trip that showed the traditional side of Bali.  Then we feasted on traditional Bali food!

Will post more once I get home, so will be a couple of days before I blog again.

Thanks to everyone who has been following my blogs and reading. See you soon.


The Balinese "Big Band"

The James Brown of Bali Dancing

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