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Marty’s World Wide Sales Training Event – Post 16 – The Bali Class

I am writing this from my home office desk in The Atl, back in the USA!  Arrived on time at 7:15 am, after 20 hours of flying from Bali to Taipei to San Francisco. My travelling partner and customer, Patty, from FLSmidth, noted that it took us two weeks to get half way around the world and then we flew the other half in one day. Wow!

The Australians and Chinese sales teams were great, very engaged in the class, always asking challenging questions.  They kept me on my toes and made me earn my keep!

Australian and Chinese Sales Teams for FLSmidth

As you may remember, we play a game during the class, and for salespeople, if there is a game with a prize, it quickly becomes very competitive. One team, the Propeller Heads, had 6 people, versus the 4 or 5 on other teams, so they had more people to earn cards/points.  Near the end of day 2, they had a huge lead, and so one of the other teams, RADDS, did some creative card counting and tallied 442 points at the end of day two, to take the lead away. However, they got a bit greedy, as there are only 440 points total in a 52 card deck.  So when all the points were added up at noon on the third and last day, the Propellor Heads waited until RADDS posted their score, then they did some creative math, and won.  Here is the winning team.

The Propeller Heads Winning Team in Bali

The meeting room we had in Bali was decorated like no other hotel meeting room I have ever seen.  Very elaborate flower and plant decorations were built up front and in the middle of the room.  It created a very festive and “island” feel, which was cool.  This helped as the room had no windows.  It also made up for the fact that the sound system may have been the worst I have ever seen, very muddled sound, so for the few videos I used, it was really tough to hear. But, hey, I was teaching in Bali, so I shouldn’t get too picky! Here are some photos of the room.

Bali Classroom middle decorations

Bali Classroom front decorations

The Bali Classroom

The other interesting fact was that for the entire 2.5 days, two hotel meeting room workers sat in the back, on the floor, huddled, just waiting for us to need something. They never went anywhere else. Very responsive and friendly, always smiling.  Not the best english speaking skills, but they were always there just waiting for us to ask them to do something!

Meeting Room Helpers!

I have mentioned Patty several times and linked her name to her LinkedIn profile, but here is Patty Austin and Doug Schlepp. Doug is our executive sponsor or what we would call our “political sponsor” in our class.  Patty runs Sales Operations and was the main person (along with Jacqui Fortsch, who did not attend the class) who did all the leg work, logistics, class planning, and travel planning. Three very key people who made all of this happen for us.  So, thank you to Doug, Patty and Jacqui on the FLSmidth side.  And, thank you to Mike Covol from The Complex Sale, who sold this deal, along with Julie Surman and Leigh Anne Shields, who did all the hard work behind the scenes for me. They make my job very easy, as everything gets shipped on time and emails send on time, and all I have to do is show up and teach. So, thank you all for being such a great support team!

Patty and Doug, Thank You!

On our way home, we saw two things in the Taipei airport that I thought were funny.  First, Patty found this Kobe Bryant Black Mamba t-shirt, so she finally understood that when I said “Black Mamba” in South Africa that I was not trying to start an international incident!

Secondly, I saw this sign in the airport where they show a unique little symbol for almost every possible type of condition that you might have.  So if you are pregnant, old, in a wheelchair or have a baby in a stroller, you get your own symbol in Taipei!

A Symbol for everyone!

I will most likely post another 1-2 “post trip” blogs, so look for a few more over the next few days.  Although, I better get them done by tomorrow. Saturday I leave for a week on a cruise for spring break. Geez, could my life get any better?


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