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There Still Are Good Samaritans!

Most people have heard of the term Good Samartians, right?  In the Christian world, the New Testament tells the story of the Good Samaritan, the man who found the guy on the side of the road who had been beaten.  He took the poor, almost comatose guy back to the inn, paid for his care and room and board and went on his way.  I would imagine most other religions have similar stories.

Last Friday I lost my wallet!  I had it in my hand, was writing a note based on a conversation I was having with a friend, stuck the note in my wallet and walked out of the building.  An hour later as I was getting ready to leave for the dentist, I realized I did not have my wallet.  Searched the house, the car, the building where I last remember holding it… wallet.

Friday afternoon I cancelled all of my credit cards and ordered a new drivers license.  (Who knew you could order a new drivers license on line for just $5!)

Today I got a call from the building where I lost the wallet, “Someone turned in your wallet!”  Hurray!

Turns out that I dropped my wallet out of my coat pocket (note to self: why did you not put the wallet back in your left pocket where you have put your wallet for like the last 25 years??!!) in the parking lot.  “Sandra” found the wallet in the parking lot and turned it into the front desk staff.

The money that was in the wallet was gone.  I figure that someone found my wallet, took the money, left everything else including credit cards, dropped the wallet, and Sandra found it and turned it in.  I even had two folded up checks in the wallet that were still in the same “hiding” spot.  No one has used the credit cards, but I cancelled them all Friday afternoon.

But, I did get the actual wallet back and everything else in it. Nothing lost, no fraud charges, and maybe about $100 lost in cash.

Sandra, thank you!  Thanks for finding my wallet and turning it in. Thanks for being my Good Samaritan!  A mostly happy ending!

And, to the poor schmo who found the wallet the first time and took the money, I will just have to believe, as my wife said, that you needed the money more than me.  I hope you used it for a good cause, like something for your kids.  And if for some strange reason, you are reading this blog, and you feel bad, you can “donate” the $100 to the Buckhead Sanders YMCA, since that is where you found it!

And everyone else reading this, try and be a Good Samaritan this week for someone or some group.  Go out of your way to do something nice.  Because when you are the recipient of the Good Samaritan effort, it really feels great!

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