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During Marty’s selling career, sales cycles got longer. The competition got smarter. Committees with more people participated in decisions. Price often ruled. Qualifying deals and completing RFPs became increasingly difficult.
At one time or another, Marty used all of the most popular sales methodology and process tools on the market. The Complex Sale, by Rick Page, was by far the best and most comprehensive he ever encountered. Marty became a Certified Instructor and began helping teams win sales they can’t afford to lose.

The Complex Sale helps you dominate accounts in the complex selling environment. The Complex Sale, Inc., is a sales methodology and consulting company that will enable your sales team to effectively sell in a highly competitive and political environment. This sales methodology will provide a repeatable process that will help you and your sales teams defeat the competition and dominate accounts.

Call me at 404-351-4946 if you would like to:

Gain Greater Control of Each Opportunity
Shorten the Sales Cycle
Control the Pipeline
Create Better Strategic Plans
Pick the Right Opportunities
Manage and better Allocate your Resources
Defeat the Competition
Increase Teamwork
Implement a Common Language & Methodology
Sell Higher Benefits to Powerful People
Build Higher Quality Client Relations & Repeat Business

Does this sound familiar?


I cannot tell you in words, how amazing and informative and overall GREAT your class was. It has given me a new, truly exciting perspective on sales. I'm looking forward to getting out there, taking names and working on my sales skills. Thank you again!

- Iris Burdett, Apple

I really appreciated the training session and I know I have several points brought to light about the way I do things now that I can change for a better response from my customers.  I believe this has been the best training in which I have participated.

- Anabell Castillo, Apple

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