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Transform Your Life

In the 12 months after a sales clerk suggested he needed to “upgrade” to a size 50 in the Orson Welles Collection or Raymond Burr line, Marty Mercer lost 60 pounds. He subsequently won a triathlon in his age group, swam Alcatraz, and biked 150 miles. By focusing on the upgrade he really needed, he successfully transformed his well-rounded body into a well-rounded life.  

Marty is now an ACE (American Council on Exercise) Certified Personal Trainer who can teach and inspire your sales team to integrate work strategies with a personal fitness plan. Marty will give them the tools they need to look and feel great, build sustainable energy, and improve productivity.  

Call Marty at 404-351-4946 to find out more about work/life training sessions, including:  

Keynote speech: “If I Can Do It, So Can You!”
Keynote speech: “The Power of Personal Leadership”
Small group Lunch ‘n Learn sessions
Individual coaching or group coaching, face to face or virtual
Boot camps

If I can do it
...So can you!

Marty Mercer works with organizations that want to improve employee health and fitness to maximize their personal and professional performance.


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