Turning your sales presentations into


Have you ever faced any of these problems?
  • Long sales cycles
  • Low closing rates
  • Forgetable Presentations

Some people might look at these issues and think, “the problem must be my sales team.” But, what if the problem was actually your sales presentations? I’m Marty Mercer and I help companies turn their software presentations into BLOCKBUSTERS that convert into higher sales!

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“I need to improve my teams AWARENESS of better presentation best practices”

If your team’s presentations have gotten stale and are not provoking your audience to the desired outcome, but your budget or time-frame is small, this is the perfect package! I can deliver a one hour to half day session on building, creating and delivering high impact, innovative presentations. Perfect for the sales or team meeting. It’s also perfect for the Sales Kickoff Meeting. Outcome: your audience will walk away understanding how my 8 Step Process For Building Innovative Presentations could be used for their next presentation.


The “I need to IMPLEMENT an improved presentation process and methodology”

If your presentation approach is having a negative impact on sales, sales cycle length, or prospect/customer reaction, this is the perfect package. This package consists of a three-step process:

(1) observe presentations in front of live customers and provide feedback
(2) build and create a library of presentation “stories” that link your solutions to customer problems
(3) train your sales, pre-sales, other sales support staff on my 8 Step Process
Outcome: your teams will implent a repeatable process to build, create and deliver powerful, engaging and innovative presentations. Your prospects and customers will believe you know and understand them better than your competition.


The “I need to TRANSFORM our presentation and communication skills and process”

This package builds upon the IMPLEMENT package but expands your audience from just sales and sales support to anyone who delivers presentations externally or internally. You want your customer facing presentations to be spectacular, but how many times have you been in critical internal project planning or roll out meetings and walked away confused or bored? Every key internal manager needs to transform their presentation skills in addition to sales and sales leadership.  This package includes incorporating the 8 Step Process into new hire on-boarding and includes an e-learning library of videos for updates and refresh. This package is a subscription based solution on an annual basis.

I’ve been through many different sales presentation methodologies over the years, and this by far has been the easiest one to implement and the easiest one to repeat. We have seen improvements in preparation for customer meetings and the collaboration with our sales team in creating competitive differentiation. Two wins in the financial services vertical were in part due to our adoption of Marty’s storytelling/innovative presentations approach!

-Pre-Sales Manager, Enterprise Software Vendor

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