Most sales and business presentations seem to double as insomnia treatments. Dull. Boring. Wordy. Long. Fact-fat and bulging with enough bullets to kill any crucial message.

I give your people the power to turn presentations into performances, engaging audiences with the classic three-act story approach used by Hollywood screenwriters and playwrights.

    • 8 Step Process for building Innovative Presentations
    • 1 to 8-hour SKO or break out training class
    • One on one presentation coaching
    • Presentation Makeover for a specific prospect or customer
    • Speech coaching
    • Fees based on length of training and customization


Are your sales presentations having a negative impact on sales and business? Are your customers saying your competition looks easier to use, you look too complex? Are your internal meeting presentations not achieving their objectives?

Most likely your teams are using the “same ol’ same ol’ “presentation strategy. Taking the last deck, changing the logo on the first slide, tweaking the agenda slightly, and running with it. All done in 15 minutes! If so, you need more than AWARENESS, you need to ENABLE your team to IMPLEMENT a repeatable and consistent presentation method.

    Assess, build and train approach. I will watch and observe presentations in front of customers and provide specific feedback. A library of custom built “stories” will be created that link your solutions to customer problems. Two-day training class that incorporates the story library, the 8 Step Process and practice in front of live audience.

    8 Step Process to build Innovative Presentations:

    1. Who Is In the Audience?
    2. Brainstorm!
    3. The P3ower of 3!
    4. Why You?
    5. Pop!
    6. Conclude….Introduce
    7. PowerPoint Guidance
    8. Practice, Practice, Practice

    Fees based on assessment effort, size of story library, number of people trained


There are most likely more internal presentations done than in front of customers. These are team meetings, project meetings, all hands-on deck meetings, corporate update meetings, new initiative roll out meetings.

Are these presentations getting the result you want? Are they galvanizing the internal team to understand the project objectives and work collaboratively?

If you want to TRANSFORM how your entire organization approaches communication and presentations, internally and externally, you need the TRANSFORM package.

    • Assess, Build, Train
    • 8 Step Process for building Innovative Presentations
    • All key employees who deliver presentations, internally or externally
    • Integrated into new hire training
    • E-learning library
    • Annual subscription based pricing

“Brilliant!”, was our customer’s response after our presentation! We had Marty coach us through our presentation content, style and delivery and by the time we were done, it was a complete and beautiful makeover. But having our customer say “brilliant” after the meeting shows how much of a makeover we needed!  If you want “Brilliant” presentations, call Marty!

-Peter Longo, Chief Revenue Officer
Have you ever faced any of these problems?
  • Long sales cycles
  • Low closing rates
  • Forgetable Presentations

Some people might look at these issues and think, “the problem must be my sales team.” But, what if the problem was actually your sales presentations? I’m Marty Mercer and I help companies turn their software presentations into BLOCKBUSTERS that convert into higher sales!

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